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Welcome to Rustig!

Albert Einstein was quoted as saying: "Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift". This is exactly what we, at RUSTIG, would like to invite you to do. Join us over a weekend or during the week for some "quiet time" to enjoy nature in all its glory with family and friends.

RUSTIG is a well-established family farm since 1930. Here, the owners made a living farming with cattle and tobacco. The old farm house serving as a landmark to all visitors, was completed in 1933 and is still in its original 20th century building style. This beautiful old house, set against the picture perfect background of the Magaliesberg, is in stark contrast to the "Estate-Living" in which we are forced to become accustomed  and this is exactly why we invite you to visit us and remember the days of no fencing and complete freedom.

The friendly staff at RUSTIG are always ready for a chat and you will soon get to hear the wonderful old historical tales being passed down from generation to generation. This can include anything from how "AbulaansKoppie" got its name to the New Year’s celebrations held in a cage.

To summarise it all: if you just want to relax, listen to the beautiful sound of nature over the wonderful smell of "braai vleis" (barbeque), with the kids playing in a safe environment, then RUSTIG is the place for you. If relaxing is only part of your goal and you need an adventure why not try one of our 3 amazing hiking trails, one for every level of fitness and bravery.

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